The Right Tools


The Right Tools: Giving Our Kids a Winning Formula

More classroom time, stronger instructional teams, continuous evaluation, and a strong and consistent cultural mindset of high expectations make a difference in the classroom. Unless we make these essential ingredients available to all students, the achievement gap will continue to widen and threaten the future of our state and region.

Why it Matters:
  1. Every child, regardless of their race, economic status, or zip code deserves a high quality education and equal opportunities to lead a productive and successful life.
  2. Our prosperity depends on the success of our children and every individual participating in our workforce.
  3. Students who don’t succeed in school are often destined for un- and underemployment, poorer health, and a host of other social issues. Additionally, educational outcomes are often associated with lower crime rates, less reliance on social assistance programs, and higher civic engagement.
Take Action:
Success Spotlight:

Beating the Odds? Nope: Setting the Bar.
Hiawatha Leadership Academy

In Minneapolis, only 1 in 3 Latino children are prepared when they start Kindergarten. For the kids who start school at Hiawatha Leadership Academy, it’s an even more challenging 1 in 5. That’s what makes their success all the more remarkable. With a “no excuses” attitude and use of proven tools for student achievement, their students make more than one and a half year’s academic progress for every year of instruction. They close the gap and bring all students to proficiency by the sixth grade, if not before.

Among their methods: more time in the classroom – they have just six weeks off in the summer; stronger instructional teams – their teachers collaborate on behalf of individual students and continually challenge themselves to improve instruction; and close tracking of student progress to make sure every child masters the material.

The results? Over 80% of Hiawatha’s 4th graders scored proficient in reading. Serving low-income, predominantly Latino and African-American students, Hiawatha has closed the achievement gap.

Here’s an article about Hiawatha Leadership Academy from MinnPost.

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